Mocap by Alastair Macleod

Alastair is an independent software developer and motion capture practitioner based in Portland Oregon and Vancouver BC.

His software has been used on numerous productions including Rage by ID Software, Christmas Carol and Mars Needs Moms by Image Movers Digital and others.

He has supervised motion capture delivery on projects including Matrix Reloaded/Revolutions, Catwoman, Barnyard and 2013

He is currently 'the mocap guy' at Laika and a partner at The Sawmill.


Refined tools for motion capture and computer graphics.

PeelSolve - Maya plugin for solving point cloud data to a skeleton.


Software Development, Consulting and Production Services


Alastair Macleod has over 15 years experience with motion capture


Alastair Macleod
8938 Shaughnessy Street
Vancouver, BC
V6P 3Y5