Motion Capture tools and resources by Alastair Macleod.

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Maya plugin to solve motion capture data.

Maya 2017-2020

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Maya Realtime Midi

Live control change data on a node. Windows Maya 2016, 2017

import maya.cmds as m
m.setAttr("peelMidi1.device", 0)
m.setAttr("", 3)

for i in range(127):  
    loc = m.spaceLocator()[0]
    m.setAttr( loc + ".tx", i)
    m.connectAttr(   'peelMidi1.midi[%d]' %i, loc + ".ty")

m.setAttr("", 1)


Modifies the copy buffer to switch forward and backslashes

(windows taskbar app)


Build of spReticle plugin for windows.

Maya Motive

Maya plugin to live stream mocap data from NaturalPoint Motive

Windows Maya Plugins:

Github project

Maya/Mobu Rigs

Generic rigs for solving data on to.

  • Beta - parented geo for easy scaling of the joints.